Building Department

Building Administrator
Stuart Worthing

Building Official
Ted Henry

Phone:  810-732-1350  |  Fax:  810-733-6919

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Our full service inspection department includes all trades inspections.  our inspectors are licensed by the State of Michigan.  Our code enforcement officers travel the township daily to ensure that all property is in compliance with township ordinances.  To schedule an inspection, please call the department.

Public Utilities

Consumers Energy - 800-477-5050

Mark underground utilities
Miss Dig:  800-482-7171

Ameritech - (Residentail) 810-221-2121
(Small Business 1-19 Lines)  800-727-4473
Large Business 20 or more Lines) 800-480-8088

Sewer/Water for Genesee County
Water/Waste - 810-732-7870

MS4 Permit NPDES SWMP Plan
Updated Permit Application
NPDES Permit Application 2014 – Includes SWMP Plan
Attachment 2 IDEP Ordinance Schedule
Attachment 6 Procedure for Post Construction
Attachment 7 Pollution Prevention Procedure
Individual Permittee ERP
Table 2 PEP Update
2015-2016 Year End Report
2016-2017 Year End Annual Report

Driveways and Culverts
Genesee County Road Commission - 810-767-4920

Restaurant Approvals, Septic Tanks and Wells
Genesee County Health Department - 810-257-3612

Flint Township Fire Department
5331 Reuben Street
Flint, MI 48532

Flood Plain Information
John Grace - 517-625-4603

 Other permits available include sewer/water, sign, fire suppression/protection.

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